This website is managed by deià. Through acquiring assistance, engaging in services or purchasing goods from deià, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions below:



We work to a specific and unique timeline for each client. Project completion times vary from job to job depending on the size of the project and the amount of work involved. Any project deadlines are only approximate. Please keep in mind that design revisions and delayed feedback may also alter your timeline. deià is not responsible for any delays outside of our control such as the delivery of goods. deià will not make any design decisions without the consent of the client unless urgent decisions need to be made and we will notify you immediately. 



deià will provide services in accordance to an acceptable standard, skill, professionalism and care, subject to any time, budget, restrictions agreed upon by the client. We reserve the right to refuse service at any point if there is any breach in our agreement or if you (the client) is acting in what deià deems an inappropriate manner. When engaging with deià, we ensure a safe, professional and secure service and expect the same in return from you during our designer-client relationship.



Clients will provide deià with a clear brief of the project requirements and objectives, along with any information about the site the designer requests. deià shall not disclose any client/project information outside of the supplier/designer/client relationship unless there is client approval. deià designers are exempt from any project management of suppliers and trades unless previously agreed upon with the client. Clients will not attempt to source goods from suppliers independently. Any supplier goods must be purchased through deià. This includes during, and after project completion. 


Ownership of design

All deià designs and products are protected by intellectual copyright and belong solely to deià. Under no circumstances may schemes or designs produced by deià during the conceptual and proofing process, be reproduced or repurposed. 


Pricing & payments

All pricing is in New Zealand Dollars and GST inclusive. All costs are subject to change without further notice. On the rare occasion that a product is incorrectly priced, we reserve the right to cancel or refund. We require a 50% deposit of the total service fee before project commencement. Full payment of service must be made if products are to be purchased from suppliers or otherwise once a project is complete. The client will be charged an hourly rate of $75 for any additional design work completed outside of the initial service fee. 



Should images of work created by deià be published in printed publications, social media, or in online publication features, deià must be correctly credited and notified of the publication before its feature. deià retains the rights to post clients conceptual designs and photos of completed projects on its website and social media with the consent of the client. 


Refunds & cancellations

deià does not offer refunds in the event of service cancellation or client dissatisfaction after the completion of an approved design concept. If deià is responsible for a mistake not approved by the client, we will work to ensure a solution is found and an agreeable outcome is met by both you (the client) and deià.