Tips for choosing the right couch for your room.

A couch is one of the most essential pieces of furniture within every living space, but choosing the right one can be tricker than it seems.

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It’s absolutely worth investing in a piece that is perfect for both the room's layout and your lifestyle. It needs to be the right balance of functionality and style, and this is something we love working with our clients on. When determining the right fit, we break it down in to four key things to think about.


One of the most common mistakes people make when buying a sofa is choosing one that is either too big or too small for the space. To avoid this, take the time to reevaluate the layout and functionality of your space. Look at any existing furnishings, think about scale, and... grab a tape measure! A sofa should be roughly the same scale as your other furniture so it doesn’t seem too big or too small alongside the rest of it. Also, consider the number of people who likely need a seat. If you have a large family or entertain often, you need a couch with as many seats as possible that your space allows for and this can cancel out certain styles. Sometimes a couch alone may not be enough seating and alternative options may need to be considered such as ottomans or occasional chairs – so factor in enough room for additional seating if needed.


A certain style may speak to you, and think you've 'found the one.' BUT is it a good fit in terms of functionality? We want you to consider how you live. By this I mean, if you love to lounge with your head on the arm, your kids like to sit on them, or this is where you usually balance cups of tea or a dinner plate, we wouldn't recommend opting for a slim and narrow style. The sofa you select should also coordinate with the rest of your furniture. If you're updating the look of your room, it’s important to ensure your sofa will still blend in. An easy way to do this is to coordinate the sofa legs with other furniture in the room, or with your cushion choice. Below is a great example of blending both colour and style – a minimal and contemporary sofa is complemented by an ornate and traditional cushion, it's wooden frame tying in with other furniture pieces of the same tone but different style.

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Fabric Choice

If you have the option of selecting a fabric, make your selection based on how the sofa will be used in the home and where it will be placed. If you are buying for an area that is heavily used, you have young children, animals, or it's a sun drenched area, a delicate fabric or colour will be destroyed before you’ve even had a chance to enjoy it, so it’s best to go for a heavy-duty textile. Look our for removable covers, which can help keep things looking fresh and clean. Soft polyesters with textures that look like linens and velvets are more readily available and they're easy to clean. Even solution dyed nylon fabrics have come a long way and look just as good as indoor upholstery fabrics. These can be perfect for window seating or a sofa that gets all day sun.


Choose a timeless colour, and when I say timeless it doesn't need to be a neutral, just a colour that blends and one that you can live with for the next ten or so years. Remember, a sofa is an investment. If you have a neutral room and you're looking to incorporate a 'pop of colour' opt for something like an olive, mustard, or rust. These colours work great with a variety of cushion combinations compared to a hot pink or a lime green sofa. If you would prefer to play it safe with a neutral fabric (like me), cushions are the perfect way to zhuzh up the look and feel of the room through colours, patterns and texture. Cushions are also an easy and inexpensive way to update and transform the space if you love to change things up once in a while.

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