Design Questionnaire


We're passionate about people, the environment and meaningful design. The information provided will help us to design a scheme best suited to your lifestyle and needs. 

Which space(s) are involved in this project? If more than one space, please be sure to list how many and which spaces they are.

Please check any of the boxes below to tell us which aspects of the space(s) you want to include in the design.

If you have a specific timeframe you are working to, let us know below, otherwise let us know your ideal project start date. 

What is the total investment for this project? This number should include the total cost of all furnishings, fixtures, and finishes, as well as the cost of design services.

Please check any of the boxes below to give us an indication of what design styles you like

If we haven't listed your desired style above, what aesthetic (look) or vibe are you going for?

Tell us your main goals for the design of the space(s). E.g. better functionality, updated furnishings, cohesive style, etc.

What colours appeal to you for this space? Or, you can tell us what colours you dislike.

Tell us how you use the space(s) and/or any special requirements you have for the space(s). Eg. We love to entertain, we work from home, we need an area for our kids to play, etc.

If you have any furniture items that you want to remain in the new design, tell us about them below, and then please send photos, dimensions, etc. of these pieces as follow-up to this questionnaire to

What do you like/dislike about your current space(s)? Be sure to tell us if you have any major dislikes that you don't want to see in the new design of your space(s). For example, certain colours, patterns, styles you don't like. 

Whether it's fashion or homewares, tell us where you like to shop, this will help us to better understand your style. 

Is there anything else we should know about you or your project or your space(s)? If so, please tell us more!

We really appreciate your feedback and would love to know!